Zolomon’s Page of Useful Emacs Tricks

  1. C-q C-j to insert a newline, can be used in M-x eval-expression, look here for an example.
  2. Bookmarks C-x r l to list, C-x r m to make a new bookmark and C-x r b to jump to a bookmark. Both files and directories can be bookmarked.
  3. Neotree, a tree directory visualizer
  4. Projectile, working with files in projects
  5. Popwin, use popups instead of buffers
  6. switch-window, choose buffers by number
  7. Hyde, working with Jekyll
  8. Auto-fill-mode: Automatically insert whitespace at (fill-column) set by C-x f.
  9. Rename files with rename-file.
  10. Occur: to search for lines in a buffer matching a regexp.
  11. web-mode: to work with web related stuff. C-c C-f to fold tags.

Copy the whole buffer

Wrapping text according to fill-column

If you have text that you would like to be formatted, use M-q which by default is bound to fill-paragraph.